For us, business
is not just about

It’s about providing help to our partners. It’s about being able to identify what is needed and provide solutions for your business.

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What we do

We are an international services agency which supports business development and market expansion of our partners.

We help partners conquer new geographic locations and better penetrate existing markets, guide them in their market positioning and fully facilitate their promotion and sales processes with their end customers.

We currently represent our partners in Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece and Macedonia.


We help your business grow

Do you want to increase your market share? How about introducing your product and services to new geographic territories?

Our partners choose Force Link to be their Commercial Representative because they know that, when we represent them, their mission becomes our mission! We act as their official office in the selected region and we make sure to put all our resources towards expansion of their sales.

We make your products and services known

Do you want to increase the visibility of your products and services? Reach potential new customers?

We support our partners in better market penetration, through market research and analysis, direct marketing and targeted promotion. We stand behind our partners’ products and services and we make sure to make their value known to potential new clients.

We facilitate your sales processes

Do you need help establishing more effective and efficient sales processes? Do you want to have stable sales costs?

Sales is what we know best! We identify new opportunities, we close deals and we follow up on all sales activities. This means that we take over the facilitation of the entire sales process for our partners’ products and services. 
When our partners grow – we grow as well. That is why we love high targets and big challenges!

We strengthen your relationship with your customers

Would you like to strengthen and improve the cooperation with your clients? Or find a constructive way to deal with difficult client relationships?

Force Link saves valuable time and resources for its partners by facilitating their client relationships and establishing stable cooperation lines between companies. We develop and maintain the cooperation between our partners and their clients and troubleshoot challenges in the process, ensuring long-lasting and productive relationships.

We help your employees reach their full potential

Would you like to improve the efficiency of your employees?

We provide coaching and training that helps you and your employees achieve higher productivity and effectiveness. We train your staff to understand what exactly their individual production needs to focus on and how to use that to support overall company growth. Furthermore, we offer product training on the products and services which we promote.

Force Link 
sales revenue growth

There is no such thing as a condition of stable sales! There can only be growing or falling statistics!
For us, a stable business is a company that is continuously growing and increasing its sales statistics!
The graph bellow shows how we have been increasing the annual sales revenue of our partners since 2012 
(combined statistics for all our partners)


You can scroll chart horizontally to see other details.