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wants to achieve what everybody else thinks it’s impossible

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What can we do for you?

We can help your company grow!

We are B2B sales representatives of companies in the electronics and illumination field, expanding their market in different geographic territories.
But we do more that just expanding markets. We guide your market positioning. We improve your customer relationships.We make your products known. We support your customers with technical consultations. 
We help you achieve maximum results with minimal resources- and a stable sales cost!

Now let’s talk about the needs of your company and how we can support it!

Nicola Dal Ponte_Agilight_Tridonic

I had the chance and the pleasure to work with Force Link over the last few years. The manager is a reliable person who always delivers what he promises, result oriented and very organized.He has an extensive knowledge of the lighting market and strong management abilities, and his friendly attitude makes working with him always great fun.



Christoph Zimmerman_Tridonic

If you don´t know the people behind Force Link you don´t know anything about lighting in these regions. I´m happy to work with them over the last couple of years and enjoy to build up the market with customer focused passion, outstanding performance and great partnership. Together with this organization I´m sure to have the right setup for Tridonic and all challenges ahead of us!



Gerhard Rieser_Eelectroterminal

The LED industry continuously faces new technologies, design and growth opportunities that require a high level of customer service and a technical understanding. Since exceptional customer support is more than a cliché, it’s a fundamental business requirement we are extremely proud having Force Link as our sales representative.




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